Grand Riverdale

Lot Cut Sizes: 125-150 sq.m.

Antel Grand Village’s final gated community spanning nine hectares of meticulously planned space. Featuring expansive open courtyards, peaceful green areas, generous road networks, and spacious lots, this sprawling modern suburb is an ideal residential retreat just a short distance from the city.

Grand Forbes

Lot Cut Sizes: 192-200 sq.m.

The finest residential village, designed in harmony with the beauty of its scenic views. Houses and their facades integrate gracefully with the landscape, creating a feeling of peaceful tranquility and luxury living. As you settle in your expansive property, you will find yourself among a community of friends with like minds, values and tastes for the better things in life, like Grand Forbes.

Grand Oakridge

Lot Cut Sizes: 80-140 sq.m.

Grand Oakridge is the pinnacle of quality homes found in the heart of Cavite. Designed for blissful living for you and your family, choose between Sofia, Daniella, Isabel and Martina, houses built and inspired to reflect the beauty and timelessness of their Spanish-Mediterranean counterpart.

Grand Parklane

Lot Cut Sizes: 150-400 sq.m.
Lot Cut Sizes: 180-400 sq.m.

A commercial park and complex of AGV composed of trendy restaurants, amusement areas, convenience stores, salons, and water stations, designed for businesses and other commercial needs by residents and occupants.

Grand Broadmore

Lot Cut Sizes: 100-150 sq.m.

Boasting an array of sleek finishes and a thoughtful neighbor plan layout, Grand Broadmore is a paradigm of private living. Anchored on the importance of privacy, upscale residential living, and tranquil environment, these elegant homes namely Audrey, Anastacia, Justine, and Alexa offers unparalleled craftmanship with a nearby resort-like exceptional amenities.

Grand Cedarcrest

Lot Cut Sizes: 100-150 sq.m.

An AGV residential village with multi-functional facilities and infrastructures that match your lifestyle. Provides recreational conveniences where your family can relax, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. A paradise experience surely awaits at the clubhouse.

Grand Catalina

Lot Cut Sizes: 100-150 sq.m.

A convenient and friendly AGV residential village that offers a venue for a growing community. With guaranteed 24/7 security, like the other sites, every family is provided a safe environment, without compromising accessibility and comfort.

Grand Pasadena

Lot Cut Sizes: 100-140 sq.m.

Built with the goal of accommodating growing families, this village assures living in a community with an environment-friendly landscape area and secures families through allowance in between houses enough to keep privacy, but not too far to give an opportunity in building friendship in the neighborhood.

Grand Meadows

Lot Cut Sizes: 80-140 sq.m.

This residential village offers a fascinating community for families who want to indulge in recreational activities to support their active and social lifestyle, making each day more enjoyable and interesting.